Environmental conservation and resource recovery concerns can be satisfied simultaneously when waste is treated in a BSP multiple hearth system.  Our systems provide efficient thermal decomposition of carbonates, hydroxides, sulfides, and sulfates from materials such as:

•    Limestone
•    Lime sludges
•    Dolomite spalls
•    Magnesite
•    Magnesium

Used by the waste water treatment, sugar refining, and cement industries; a plural-purpose BSP multiple hearth furnace re-calcinates waste lime mud into high quality lime for resale. Units range in capacity from 3,000 pounds/day to 150 tons/day. The flexibility built into all BSP systems easily compensates for normal fluctuation in feed organics, moisture, and CaO content.


BSP furnaces are used to dry materials such as floatation concentrates and filter cakes when temperatures and atmospheric control are critical and direct firing will not harm the product. 

Mining and metallurgical industries use multiple hearth furnaces to pull uranium from yellow cake concentrates and molybdenum sulfide and oxide out of molybdenum concentrates.  Other processes include:

  • Heat shrinking
  • Control of sulfur content of copper and molybdenum concentrates
  • De-oiling cast iron chips from engine block machining without chip fusion (chips are directly briquetted for recycling)
  • Foundry sand reclamation