A well-maintained BSP furnace can last upwards of 40 years. In our experience, general maintenance and repairs are required every 12-18 months. BSP will work with you to make sure your unit runs problem free, year after year.

Our trusted refractory, mechanical, and instrumentation controls contractors are experts in their fields.  Together, we have been maintaining and repairing multiple hearth furnaces for decades. 


Improve the performance of your multiple hearth furnace by upgrading its existing systems. Depending upon the age of your unit, significant operational and costs savings can be realized.  Regardless of your original supplier, BSP's engineers can bring your older multiple hearth unit into the 21st Century.

Oil to Gas Conversion

Saves money on fuel and is easier to maintain

Furnace Refractory Internals, Including Castings and Refractory Hearths

Improved material selection provides longer operational life

Off-Gas Systems

To meet current air pollution codes

Burner Systems

  • Meet current air pollution codes and to reduce energy consumption
  • Adherence to current safety codes 
  • Better integration with newer control systems

Control Systems

Add operational flexibility and improve system controls