Larger capacity and precision temperature control make BSP multiple hearth furnaces a better investment than rotary kilns and fluid beds.  Our unique design allows for materials to be heated by direct flame within tenths of degrees of fusion temperature ensuring complete processing control. Reduction can be carried out at high temperatures in a direct fired BSP furnace.  The reducing agent can be introduced as a gas, a solid mixed with the feed, or controlled flame.

BSP furnaces are used in many metallurgical processes ranging from oxidation of sulfide concentrates to direct reduction for metallizing purposes, and include:

•    Heat shrinking
•    Densification
•    Molybdenum oxide recovery through burning sulphur from copper concentrates
•    Improving leachability of metallic carbonate ores
•    Uranium yellow cake production through conversion of vanadium to soluble form
•    Cryolite recovery through burning carbon from aluminum pot linings
•    Metallic ores purification by lowering sulfide content