For over 100 years, BSP and its predecessor, Pacific Foundry, have engineered and built hundreds of multiple hearth furnaces with installations operating all over the world on numerous processes.

During the early 1900’s Pacific Foundry Company started producing multiple hearth furnaces for ore roasting applications.  Around the same time, Nichols Engineering obtained patent rights to the Herreshoff furnace which soon became the industry standard. Nichols partnered with Pacific Foundry for its capabilities in detailed mechanical design, manufacturing, and construction; thus allowing Nichols to focus on process design. 

In 1961, Pacific Foundry Company merged with Bartlett & Snow Company and formed Bartlett-Snow-Pacific, a.k.a., BSP.  For the next 20 years, BSP was affiliated with Envirotech and then with Lurgi during the 1980s. During that time, hundreds of BSP furnaces were erected.

In 1989, BSP Thermal Systems Inc. was formed as an independent entity.  Under its new leadership, we focused on the carbon regeneration and activation industry.  Over 25 years later, BSP has become the go-to supplier for carbon regeneration and activation furnaces.